A New Beginning on an Old Page / by E Halter

It's snowing this February night on the midwestern town where I've spent the last twenty-five years.  It's my home, but not my hometown.  at heart I'm an Astoria Girl.  Always have been.  Always will be.  Because I left when I was seventeen and never returned except for summer vacations, I have a need to resurrect that past.

The place I called home as a child was a cooperative development called Queensview in Astoria, New York.  My husband who grew up in a real small town thinks it was a small town of sorts.  It had a stable population, so many of us who moved in as babies spent our entire childhoods there.  We watched each other grow up and leave.  And then we lost each other until now--the era of Facebook and other social networks.

In the last couple of weeks, I've joined two Facebook pages--the "Queensview Nursery Alumni Association" and "Astoria Kids."  As I wrote on the Nursery Alumni page, I graduated 56 yrs ago.  LOL!  Best of all, I found a former classmate there.

I've also come upon unexpected images of my younger self as classmates have posted class photos.  The biggest surprise is the accuracy of my memories.

Signing off on this snowy winter night.

An older Ellen